Box Snack Difference

When the idea was conceived way back in 1998, there was no such thing as a online subscription service.  That used to be called "mom", and while she always made sure your snacks were plentiful, there was always a constant issue of not getting what you really wanted and when you wanted it.

This is where comes into play!  Not only will you find the best tasting and fun snacks in each of you specially procured snack boxes, we also guarantee the following:

Getting a massively discounted snack box that contains fun snacks and lite meals? Sounds like a no brainer to us ;)

Instead of stopping what you are doing whether its studying, climbing the corporate ladder, watching the kids, watching a movie, on a break... let do all the work and deliver to you automatically, the snacks you love to munch on.

Introducing the first box snack concept from A-Sha club provides the convenience of automatic delivery service to your door step.

Welcome to A-Sha Club!